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Smart Home Concept

Millenium II+ offers smart home via home automation in which owner can remote monitor & control household gadget via handphone. Millenium II+ act as a system manager when paired with other gadget: it monitors and feedbacks to owner if the gadget ceased operation. With date & time programmable feature, routine activity can be continued even though owner is away from home. The feature is not only an added advantage for security purpose but also for energy saving.

Lighting           Air condition     Water pump      Sprinkler system


Autogate    Burglar alarm M2+ control unit Water pH                       


      Burglar alarm            surveillance system       temperature regulation         




Control mood of lighting


Auto switch ON/OFF feature


Turn ON lighting if property is trespassed


Temperature regulation

Sprinkler system

Set the timer to turn ON/OFF according to schedule

Surveillance system

Turn ON camera if property is trespassed

Burglar alarm

Turn ON alarm sound if parameter fencing is breached