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Target: Gated Community  model: KIV-202 paired with KC-100/KC-108 /KLP-PC100

Kocom1      Kocom2    Kocom3     Kocom4

                  KIV-202                KC-100        KC-108         KLP-PC100


Target: Single house  model: KIV-202 paired with KC-C60/KC-D31                                            KOCOM KC-C60   KOCOM KC-D31

                                                          KC-C60               KC-D31


KIV-202 is a 4" TFT LCD Color handsfree
Pair KIV-202 with KC-100 and hook up to 450 houses; for smaller community 4,8,12 houses use KC-104,108,112; Option using metal pinhole camera type: KLP-PC100, KLP-PC104,108,112

For single house, pair KIV-202 with KC-C60(plastic) or KC-D31(metal pinhole)

Panic call transfer to security station
Buz in door feature
Operating temperature between -20oC to +50oC
Made in Korea with 1 year warranty








 Price below RM2500 for single house(exlude cabling & installation)                                               

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